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Leave a Message for us and be rest assured that we will reply. Also feel Free to lodge your complaint if we have performed poorly or we did not satisfy you as expected. Be direct and straight to the point.

HyperTera Systems Limited

HTN Building
Enugu, Lagos

M: (+234) 817-675-3245

About Us

We are Computer Technology Experts. We think like you and apply the state of the art framework to achieve your managerial goals and objectives keeping security in mind.

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Goal definition

We start Requirement Engineering by studying the stakeholder and the general users of the product. We speak their language and show them how to document their requirements.

Analysis and Design

Our Project Analyst represent your ICT project in your language and computer aided sketches accompanied by the clear video and slide presentation for confirmation.


Our team of ICT experts transforms your requirements into user friendly ICT products coupled with high data security, extensive user training, testing and documentation.

Our Clients/Partners

We are extremly fair in partnership!

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