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Hyper Messenger

Price: FREE
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Hyper Messenger is a FREE and extremely effective Bulk SMS/2Way SMS Mobile Application for android, Blackberry devices and more. It allows you to send and receive SMS Messages with option to Auto reply Messages.

While it is an extremely useful tool for sending out bulk SMS messages, it is the keyword and SMS Notification Feature that sets HyperTera Hyper Messenger ahead of other SMS Mobile App. This analysis incoming SMS replies from your customers and scans them for keywords, ultimately providing you with valuable marketing information.

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This feature is very useful as SMS survey tool. SMS sent via Hyper Messenger comes with customized sender ID and great rates. Features seen below:

  • Send/Receive Bulk SMS
  • Schedule SMS: Never Forget To Follow Up, & Send Important SMS Again Schedule Now For Future Days/Weeks/Months/Years Follow Up Ideal For Your Sales Follow, Marketing, Campaigns & Etc.
  • Send SMS to contacts and call logs
  • Send SMS to Group Contact saved in SMS Website
  • Sent/Received History Report.
  • SMS Notification on your screen for incoming SMS with option to reply and forward

Register today at http://sms.hypertera.ng to get started.
Works on all Android Version V2 to V4.4

I love this app so much.. I will like to get a Version 2 of it.. Never seen any like it before.

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