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Hyper School

Price: N1.4 - N3.4
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Hyper School is a secondary school web based management and automated system.

She was built to be very Intelligent using the latest web technology and to think and operate using the Users Idealogy. Her flexibility makes it one of the best in history.

Current Version: V1.0 Professional

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Hyper School is one of the largest Portal for Primary and Secondary Schools in the World, some of its Features Includes:

  • Responsive Layouts
  • Automated backups
  • Maximum security of data
  • Mobile App - Soon Available
  • Very smart (Considers your slow network and beats the speed)
  • Very Intelligent (Thinks like the users and gives her the best output)

Its an Amazing All Featured Web based School Managment (Creche->Nursery->Primary->Secondary->Tertiary).
Built on UBEB specifications. Automation in just one click!

This portal is amazing, at first I thought I was a social network. In fact, it's an expert system. Very smart and friendly. This is more than a portal. Everything in one place. Result, sms, mail, staff posting, application, interview and online course and exam system. It's all amazing anyway.

HyperTera is one of the best company that is striving to achieve greater height. Well as I've known Mr Kevin he has always sought for the improvement of the company. May God bless the 5 of them. AMEN.

From the Demonstration I have seen, I don't think there will be another portal that can beat this one. It has all a school wants including attendance, health, shop, homework, timetable, calendars and all. All what was said in the features are there but the only thing I have not seen is cognitive domain report in the result sheet.

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