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At Hypertera, we're passionate about the power of secure mobile messaging to help transform businesses, improve workplace productivity, navigate the pitfalls of enterprise BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) challenges, and protect sensitive enterprise data. Our team members follow the latest messaging and communications trends, attend industry conferences around the world, and regularly write and speak on a wide variety of enterprise mobility, unified communications and messaging security topics. To help you better navigate your plans to invest in and deploy a secure enterprise messaging service.

The Benefits of Secure Instant Messages for Organizations
If your organization relies exclusively on email, you might be hindering any chances of improving employee and team collaborations. But with secure instant messages, you’ll see a measurable increase in your workforce’s productivity. The best part is that you can experience more streamlined operations without compromising the integrity of sensitive internal information.

  • High-Level Security: Traditional forms of email and instant messages don’t typically feature high levels of security as they are transmitted from server to server. This means that corporate and customer information – names, emails, birthdates, social security numbers, etc. – can be intercepted, used and distributed by an unauthorized third party. Secure instant messaging systems deploy robust levels of encryption to ensure safe transmission between sending and receiving devices.
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Compatible: If your organization consists of a large number of employees, you might not have the resources to outfit everyone with a company device to instant message internally. But if you’re leveraging secure messaging technology, employees can install apps or software directly to their own devices. Once they log in using a unique username and password, communications are automatically secure via their mobile device. Not only is this convenient for employees using the secure messaging, but it also saves your organization in hardware costs
  • Total Account Management: With a secure messaging platform, you can hand over account management reins to the head of your IT department. Complete access and management capabilities allow IT to monitor account usage and comply with corporate data retention policies. Not in the office? Not a problem. Remote capabilities enable you to call-up and wipe any information you need. In addition, you can invalidate unused or expired accounts.
  • Areas where it is needed most

  • Healthcare: Enhanced internal communications can lead to an improvement in patient care.
  • Legal & Advisory: Improve security for lawyer-to-client communications.
  • Finance & Banking: Employees can protect financial and bank information while sending files internally to other team members.
  • Insurance & Risk Management: Agents and staff across geographically diverse locations can communicate safely regarding individual clients
  • Travel & Hospitality: Streamlined communications enhance front-desk productivity and improve guest experiences.
  • Supply Chain & Retail: Secure instant messages can lead to an increase in warehouse or fulfillment center productivity, as well as better supply chain management
  • What Renders Us Special?
    While most web hosting vendors employ the ready-made cPanel as a basis of their hosting platforms, we decided to build the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel. The chief advantage of this web hosting Control Panel is that it offers billing, website and domain management options. This will save you the effort of logging in to different graphical user interfaces to administer the stuff that belongs to you. With Hepsia, you will exert complete command over all aspects of your online presence and will be able to manage all your websites and domain names from a single location.

    Secure Instant Messages
    Leverage Secure Instant Messages with Hypertera We provides organizations with a secure, reliable instant messaging platform that streamlines communications without compromising security. Consumer-grade messaging platforms are unreliable, unsafe and unproductive. With Hypertera, enterprises can protect internal communications and improve workforce productivity.

    How can HTN help you in Enterprise messaging
    HTN will partner with you to provide professional solution with passion services to integrate your IT operations more efficiently, with the highest return on investment.
    We Work effectively in the following field:

    • Problem Identification/statement
    • Feasibility study
    • Business productivity services
    • Cross functional services management and aggregation
    • Identity and access management
    • Integrated application development, release and operations
    • Take you to the future.
    • Optimized staff training.
    • Unlimited maintenance

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    At HyperTera, we do custom designs. We design all kinds applications ranging from mobile applications, web design and development to the most complex sophisticated desktop application.

    Security and backup of your data are our priority. Our standby storage devices are big enough to accomodate all your files and documents. You dont need to worry about hackers and data loss.

    The Trend of Modern Websites and Web Applications nowadays is the ability to be able to respond and adapt to different devices. At HyperTera, we are professionals in making your websites responsive.

    At HyperTera, data integrity is a priority. Your data is secured from external sources with our Firewall. We only use these data for confirmation purposes and also to serve you better.

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    Goal definition

    We start Requirement Engineering by studying the stakeholder and the general users of the product. We speak their language and show them how to document their requirements.

    Analysis and Design

    Our Project Analyst represent your ICT project in your language and computer aided sketches accompanied by the clear video and slide presentation for confirmation.


    Our team of ICT experts transforms your requirements into user friendly ICT products coupled with high data security, extensive user training, testing and documentation.

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    We are extremly fair in partnership!

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